Continue Despite great progress in understanding the cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Refinement of this work show could could be used in clinical practice, said Professor Fowkes. During report up to half of PAD patients not exertional leg symptoms, the impact of asymptomatic PAD on quality of life is poorly understood This study examined 465 patients with PAD and 292 sedentary peers, non-PAD patients, the study found that patients who did not develop leg problems greater functional impairment poorer lower extremity nerve function and side effects have calf muscle properties as patients with intermittent claudication. Quality of life was poorer under always asymptomatic PAD patients than in those with IC or non-PAD participants. These results suggest that PAD patients can slow their walking speed to avoid exertional leg symptoms experience more negative consequences in their lower extremity muscles and nerves, as compared to PAD patients, the leg to the point of painlessly added Dr.

The authors conducted a meta-analysis of 16 studies that included a total of more than 48,000 men and women.. The Best PAD Research Award was introduced in Epidemiology / Preventive Medicine at Gerry and colleagues, Professor of Epidemiology, Public Health Sciences Section, Division of Community Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, UK. Fowkes and colleagues that include the International Ankle Brachial Index Collaboration were recognized for their work on the study, ‘Ankle brachial index combined with Framingham Risk Score for cardiovascular events and mortality prediction: A meta-analysis ‘, in the journal publishes the American Medical Association , a test to diagnose PAD, is associated with an increased incidence of heart attack, stroke and death.According to the World Health Organization, PPH shall enter into force in 10-15 of 100 women birth of developing countries, and severe PPH that may lead to death in two of 100 women. In Africa, PPH wears to even higher proportion of maternal death. In a region that where half of the women providing without qualified provider, when PPH occurs, a great number of this women will die often, the in death or neglecting their newborns than good. – maternal mortality rates are close to address with the accessibility of high quality health care related There is an urgent necessity the vast number deaths from PPH as the majority of cases are avoidable We can such women using simple PPH prevention and treatment methods to Add.

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