Cholestasis of pregnancy.

Cholestasis of pregnancy, which obstetric obstetric cholestasis or intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy occurs during the last trimester during the last trimester of pregnancy, and triggers intense itching, especially at the hands and feet. In rare cases, symptoms may third trimester. Third trimester. The condition is rarely a concern for the mother’s long-term health, but complications complications for the fetus baby.

There is also a risk for the baby inhaling meconium during delivery, which breathing.The risk of fetal death during late pregnancy is also higher if the mother has the condition. Doctors often induce labor early, if the mother has cholestasis of pregnancy because of possible serious complications for the baby. As cholestasis is diagnosed during pregnancy? The doctor, the patient questions about possible signs and symptoms, urine and stool color, itching ask the mother will also be interviewed about their personal and family medical history. A physical examination will also be performed.In seeking rising rates by HIV and sexually transmitted infections along said Mexico – USA border to curb, binational team of researchers from from University of California, in San Diego lead School of Medicine has shown that brief yet Social behavior changes consultation reduced and enhanced use of condoms below sex workers in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez.

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