Change the skill mix.

Change the skill mix, the use of health workers with less education, such as average and Community Health Workers allow It is Give incentives to workers to improve motivation and morale.

– To say that the generation of the necessary funds to be to reduce the shortage be a gross is a gross understatement, said lead author Richard Scheffler, Professor of Health Economics and Public Policy, said at UC Berkeley School of Public Health and Director of the School Global Center for Health Economics and Policy Research. – We expect that sub-Saharan Africa have only one-third of health care workers who need it by 2015, he said. In particular, 240,000 more doctors and 551,000 more nurses and midwives are needed to fill the gap. Figures, permit offer we are a first step to inform policy decisions about where to put their resources. .. One third of the Study Projects Huge wage gap in sub-Saharan Africa’s Health Workforcesetting requires the nearly 800,000 workers to the amazing lack of health care professionals in Africa costs Saharan eliminate 2015 $ 2.6 billion years or to 2.5 times the annual funding currently allocated for health worker wages in the region, according a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and staff of the World Health Organization and the World Bank.It typically takes at least a month about patients particular cancer therapy before consisting imaging tool capable of measuring patient response the therapy. .. The switch called a promoter, a set of chemical letters that rotate with DNA on activity of genes being to interact. In this case, the scientists used a promoter called PEG – Prom, was cloned VCU researcher Paul Fisher, PEG Eprom are only enabled when.

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