CAP cells produce high virus titers upon influenza strain infection CEVEC Pharmaceuticals.

Stage II cocaine trial.’.. CAP cells produce high virus titers upon influenza strain infection CEVEC Pharmaceuticals, the developer of an potent proteins expression system predicated on human CAP cells extremely, today that CAP cells produce high virus titers upon disease with influenza strains announced. The virus titers are as effective as or higher than with MDCK and Vero cells even, host cells utilized for influenza vaccine production currently. The data were obtained in a collaborative project with Prof. Dr. Reichl at the Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics of Complex Complex Systems in Magdeburg, an internationally renowned professional for optimization and design of vaccine production procedures in Germany.CAP cells were infected with various human, equine and swine influenza strains and the virus titers compared to MDCK suspension cells.Today that the Global Fund to Fight AIDS Thompson announced, Tuberculosis and Malaria awarded Russia $34.2 million over two years to help deal with and caution for people living with tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. At a series of meetings in Moscow, Secretary Thompson announced the grant and urged solid open public leadership from Russian federal government officials in the country’s efforts to avoid the spread of HIV/AIDS. He also asked Russian health, legislative, civic and faith leaders to continue working with the United States, the Global Fund and, most of all, each other to treat and stop HIV/AIDS effectively.

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