California lawmakers OK new right to die legislation SACRAMENTO.

It was the second work by lawmakers this year to permit doctors to prescribe life-ending medication following the extremely publicized case of 29-year-previous Brittany Maynard, a California female with brain tumor who relocated to Oregon to legally take her life. Before she died on November 1, 2014, Maynard told CBS News assisting to give others the chance to end their lives on their own terms gave her last few weeks an objective.Related StoriesTemporary postnatal visual deprivation induces permanent auditory responses in the brain's visual areaOmeros reports additional positive data from OMS721 Phase 2 trial for treatment of thrombotic microangiopathiesAlimera Sciences announces results from ongoing study on ILUVIEN The children in the study are toddlers now, and the investigators possess examined visible acuity and various other outcomes over the future in both treatment organizations. Of note, visible acuity testing in studies like this one presents unique challenges. An adult visual acuity test consists of that familiar eye chart with rows of progressively smaller letters, and isn't feasible for a kid who hasn't learned the alphabet.

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