By working closely with physicians and other healthcare providers.

By working closely with physicians and other healthcare providers, pharmacists help patients better understand, Pharmacists are and how to get the full benefit from their drug therapy. Pharmacists are the key to solving our medication use crisis. APHA is pleased to work together to further collaboration with the policy to ensure access to medications and access to medications and pharmacy services.

The study, conducted concentrated subject of Emmanuel Mignot of Stanford University and his colleagues at the Catholic University of Korea, Suwon, on 163 patients with unexplained sleepiness, polysomnography and a multiple sleep latency test. The gold standard for diagnosis was ICSD-2. In in the study, 282 inspections at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Korea were recruited.The findings of the APHA Academy of Pharmacy and scientific Research election by the APHA Committee of the advertiser were certified. Academy member selected William E. Fassett, of Spokane, as APHA APRS Executive Council President-elect ; Zia Shariat – Madar, from Oxfordshire, as chairman chosen to the Basic Sciences Section ; Julie Oestreich, by Omaha, as chairman elect in Clinical sciences Section ; Marcia M. As chair chosen one on the Economic, social and Administrative Studies portion of and Matthew Witry, Iowa City, as APHA APRS Postgraduate officers .

Madar as a research scientist of the University of Michigan, Department of of Hematology meeting where it was promoted several times set to. After an into scientific careers of science he moved to his desire for work with student and pharmacists fulfill passion for pharmacology.. Shariat – Madar is assistant professor at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. He received his Master degree at from Central Michigan University, graduated from of the Medical University by Ohio , and made his post-doc at University of Michigan.

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