But this research is only the first stage of the investigation.

Finding drugs that enhances the ability to stimulate the immune system have hope for a new ways to improve the treatment of cancer, says Dr. But this research is only the first stage of the investigation, and so far the reaction of human blood outside the body is analyzed, much more work is needed before these findings can be used in practice, he concludes.

Is is able to spread, undetected by the immune system, explains lead researcher Dr. Wai Liu.. Which means immune strengthening medications Cancer Treatmentstimulating the body’s immune system to fight cancer has new treatment options for patients and scientists have taken the first step towards some existing cancer help help.Published in findings this week in the British Journal of Cancer, a study by researchers at St. George, shows University of London that two existing cancer drugs kill cancer used in kill cancer cells, may also have the ability to stimulate the body’s own immune cells to attack invading cancer cells.According to one National The Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke workshop single agent is the ultimate treatment strategy on recently diagnosed and many long-term epilepsy patients because of the fewer side effects, better compliance, is less risk of fetal abnormalities comparing and lower cost with with polytherapy.

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