But much is expected.

The results will scientific collaboration scientific collaboration – a process about which little is known, but much is expected. – Fifield notes agencies such as the National Science Foundation have as a large-scale interdisciplinary research projects critical U.S. Innovation and competitiveness. Nevertheless, there are few studies of how scientists actually bridge disciplinary boundaries There is no how-to for them. At least not yet, he says, smiling.

‘It is a time-use question – how to think about what ‘ worth ‘Centellas says ‘People may have to change certain behaviors in order to be part of a group. At the moment, end of the two-year project, the team will to better understand what kinds of decisions and strategies that the researchers in cooperation – how people manage to achieve it, and what gets in the way should not should not the research in a ‘how-to ‘list Fifield Fifield says lead, but team is able team is able provide take-away messages and tips.Add research by fruit flies, mice and the human cell cultures and laboratories Model, pioneered Goldstein the studies how early error into the intracellular physical movement systems may be the driving force of behind heavy neuronal dysfunction.

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