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Flows HIV prevention by some of the same governments whose policies criminalize or discriminate against MSM, according to UNAIDS, has less than one in 20 MSM around the world access to HIV prevention, treatment and care – and less in the lower to see to see income groups settings compared to the HIV testing rates of 63-85 % at MSM in Australia, Europe and North America, prices are among MSM in much of Africa, Asia and Latin America are often under 20 %..

This study shows the need for comprehensive research about the incidence and prevalence of HIV among men who have sex with men, in the region of southern Africa, said Friedel Dausab, Project Officer for the PRISM Project in Namibia prevention research prevention research in sexual minorities. This is enable African governments, international development agencies and donors with the evidence they need in order to save the lives of millions of MSM and their partners, the the HIV and AIDS epidemics provide. .The current research also indicates that smoking cessation policy prevents not only serious disease but also helps for the treatment of patient is already struggling with conditions such such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, and psychiatric disorders. Smoking cessation decreased healing time and risk of infection after surgery. Treatment of pregnant women improves baby birth weights and reduces risk of preterm births and SIDS .

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