Blood diseases such as malaria

Blood diseases such as malaria, sickle cell anemia and spherocytosis interfere with these vibrations, so a better understanding of the vibrations could help researchers develop treatments for these diseases . However, the vibrations are to study almost impossible, because their amplitude is so tiny (nanometer, or billionth of a meter, and they occur in milliseconds.

This raises the possibility of developing new diagnostics and therapeutics for blood cell disorders by determining and modulating cell activity through ATP, says Suresh.Next steps: The researchers examined that affect how certain proteins associated with malaria infection of the red blood cell membrane stiffness and vibration, and the development of sensitive new diagnostic techniques. – Source: ‘Metabolic remodeling of the human red blood cell membrane ‘YongKeun Park, Catherine Best, Thorsten Auth, Nir Gov, Samuel Safran, Gabriel Popescu, Subra Suresh and Michael Feld, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, week of the 21st December 2009.

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