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At the end of the consultation, the clinician can print individual health counseling about their actual risk profile. This is currently available in English, but will be in the national language, performed both on screen and in print pills . The health promotion counseling for the patient will be approved approved professional sources in each country.

The program Research Centre Research Centre for Prevention and Health Promotion, Glostrup University Hospital in Denmark.Heartcore benefits – allows quick and simple risk assessment – displays a graphical picture of absolute CVD risk – helps optimize the potential benefits of intervention – indicates the relative effect of modifiable risk factors – offers direct access to relevant information in current guidelines – is a custom printed health advice based on actual risk profile for your patients – promotes behavior change and compliance of treatmentHeartcore each country cutthe program can be readily adapted to different countries and different cultures, and so make it easier for clinicians to make a quick, have interactive access to relevant local preventive counseling.

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The project represents the first big effort of the NIH Neuroscience Blueprint, a FrameworkElement for co Things from 15 NIH institutes and centers, to increased support of research to the nervous system. – We aim to ask scientific do Data and evidence available to future research and further research and to encourage a greater understanding of brain function and disease, Dr. Gardner, principal investigator of the initiative said. He is Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, by Dr. And Biophysik that and head of the Laboratory to computer science Brain at Weill Cornell Medical College. More than a database of data bases, which at Neurosurgery Information Framework to use innovative search technology to provide a fast, informative and precise answers provide to the user Notes as to where disparate data and information exists, and be in its synthesis Need help provide.

The 15-month exploratory first phase the project has a budget of $ 550 and is used by a $ 1,000 second phase, in which the framework to be followed up. When completed the framework program shipped and maintained by by NIH.

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