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Arch 144[ 7]:635-642 .Can Omega -3 fatty acids to prevent depression in coronary heart disease?Depression is an established risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease in healthy patients and for adverse cardiovascular events in patients with existing CHD. Dietary factors at lower at lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids not only CHD risk, but may also be involved in the pathophysiology of depression. Investigators measured red blood cells of two omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid and assessed depressive symptoms in a cross-sectional study of 987 adults with congenital heart defects. Omega-3 fatty acids in in fasting blood samples to measure blinded with capillary gas chromatography, the fatty acid composition of red blood cell membranes. Red blood cells of EPA and DHA are presented as a %age composition of total fatty acid methyl ester. The investigators assessed current depression using the 9 – item Patient Health Questionnaire. They assessed the association between omega-3 fatty acid levels and depressive symptoms as continuous variables using linear regression.

Family is choose Surgical career againMost women surgeons would choose their careers again favoring although many more options for part-time or other alternative work schedules would, according to a report in the July issue of the Archives of Surgery, one of the the JAMA / Archives journals.

Of vitamin D a relationship between low of vitamin D state and heart disease, cardiac failure gene variant affecting vitamins GB activation of links. Now, a new study reveals that people with high blood pressure,. A gene variant that enzyme important normal vitamin D activation have influence twice as frequent as those without which version will have congestive heart failure – This study the first to regard to a genetic link between of vitamin D action and heart conditions, says Robert U. Simpson, professor of pharmacology at the University of Michigan Medical School and an author on the studies in the the trade journal pharmacogenetics. This study showed that a critical enzyme absolutely required for the production of of vitamin D, discovered an the development of congestive heart failure associated, Simpson said. When following studies confirm this finding and show a mechanism for, this means the future, we may to earlier screening of of the most threatened and slow progress of disease. Screening test would take years to. Study co-authors Russel A. Wilke of Medical College of Wisconsin and Catherine A. McCarthy of the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Marshfield, Wisconsin investigated the genetic profiles of of 617 subject of the Marshfield Clinic Personalized Medicine Project, a large DNA biobank. You searched for variations candidate genes candidate genes for her roles in vitamin D regulation and high blood pressure. The third of the subjects both hypertension and cardiac failure, one-third have hypertension about a third of have contained as a normal controls.

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