Antiretroviral cost about 25 to 30 % more in South Africa than the average international price

Antiretroviral cost about 25 to 30 % more in South Africa than the average international price, and remains one of the biggest barriers to expanding the treatment. However, the government has recently shifted its policy the cost of treatment the cost of treatment .

President Zuma says he is HIV negative, Massive Campaign – South African President Jacob Zuma to a surprised nation announced on Sunday that he is HIV negative: its announcement marks the beginning of a massive HIV prevention and treatment campaign. The campaign, described in a UNAIDS statement as ambitious to the face the face of the AIDS epidemic in South Africa and the world are million South Africans million South Africans for HIV test to 2011, a jump of 12 Euro or a six-fold increase from 2.5 million in only 2 years. Sidib Sidib said UNAIDS Executive Director, who attended the launch in Gauteng, the HIV Counselling and Testing campaign was the equivalent of truth and reconciliation for South Africa’s fight against AIDS.

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When patients are rewarmed, Peter said Peter and his collaborators for Baker and from Emory University in Atlanta, used recombinant DNA technology to merge a temperature dependent protein a protein that inhibiting platelet. To a normal level cells those cells to heal an to cure a to heal a to cure any injury. First part of novo protein similar to protein elastin , the skin and other organs, confers flexibility and it is known Pencil the form as a reaction to temperature changes. The second antibody is portion said combined protein inhibits platelet activation by the blocking of receptors, which usually provide along to clot these cells, to heal an injury.

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Our idea was to provide a reagent, is very active for the moment it is really needed is develop – if the patient is at a low temperature – and to losing his function if no longer needs are.

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