And they wrote.

She also wrote that their findings of other studies suggesting that visually guided movements to oppose not use an explicit representation of time. And they wrote, ‘our results appear to be a current hypothesis that contradict the neural circuits that been explicitly been explicitly separated hold of them to pursue the use of motion signals over time. Instead , our results show that neural circuitry neural circuitry driving smooth pursuit in primates has access to both time and distance cues, and it seems that simultaneously simultaneously learned timing cause ‘.

Javier F. Megan R. Carey, and Stephen G. Lisberger: . Time time for motor learning the research team Javier F. Megan R. Carey, and Stephen G. Lisberger of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute include the University of California, San Francisco.This work was supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and grant NS34835.Publishing in Neuron, Volume 45, Number 1, January 6, pages 157-167.Moreover , the clinical application of gene therapy require careful risk / benefit analysis, in that respect in this regard distinguish therapeutic approaches. Therapeutic approaches. Is defined as the introducing genes in tissues or cells through gene transfer be defined with the purpose of the derivation of an therapeutic or preventative benefit in the function of these genes. Achieved using a vector using a vector one type of vehicle, the gene plays a somatic gene transfer exclusively body cells introduction of genes into of the germ line is illegal in Germany.. The other memorandum, which was currently of which DFG Senate Commission presents to genetic research makes it clear that gene therapy to first effects in specific areas, such as severe hereditary immunodeficiency illnesses, while in other areas there is still considerable research.

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