And rapid breathing above 27 breaths per minute.

In addition to the already available in Switzerland and in Germany, the company has also completed successful trials for the respiR8 at four hospitals in Spain and has recently from the South African from the South African health authorities. Deryk Williams, founder and CEO of Anaxsys Technology, based in Send, Woking, said: ‘Respiratory rates are considered one of the most important ways to a patient to measure general health and yet they are currently one of the least monitored – particularly because of the lack because of the lack of products on the market ‘.. The respiR8 could completely change the way after anesthesia after anesthesia by alerting health monitored for respiratory depression – for which may occur after surgery, and rapid breathing above 27 breaths per minute, a sign a sign that can occur 45 minutes percent showedficant advantages for patients and healthcare professionals in the UK and also offers make.

The device that is on the simple principle of the measurement of water in a patient operates the breath has been developed thanks to an initial grant from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board. European Conformity and compliance standard that develop now the way for the company, its market position in Europe and expand as a company, as it sets its sights on Japan later this year and in the U.S. Next year – was recently awarded a CE mark.. The respiR8 continuous respiratory rate counter was developed by a small team of scientists in a Surrey based medical research and development company called Anaxsys Technology and is now being marketed to hospitals in the UK, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Spain.The research team, however, has have succeeded in developing a bio – eco – ceramic thin film nanogenerator free bendable without breakdown.

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