American Friends of Tel Aviv University supports Israels leading center of higher learning.

American Friends of Tel Aviv University supports Israel’s leading center of higher learning, the largest Jewish university anywhere. It is among the world’s top 100 universities in science, biomedical studies and social sciences course and rated one of the world top 200 universities in total. Internationally recognized for the scope and groundbreaking nature of its research programs, Tel Aviv University consistently produces work with profound implications for the future.

Scientists widely agree that plaque formation is what causes the onslaught of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis . Managing a harmless bacterial virus called ‘filamentous phage ‘through nasal passages, Beka Solomon of the University of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology Department sends her phages known to the brain where they lock onto plaques associated with Alzheimer’s. – ‘Phages dissolve plaque,’Prof. Solomon explains. ‘The phages are going into the brain, they do their work, and then the body gets rid of them. ‘She recently. Their findings at a meeting in Canada of the American Society for Microbiology.Previous research has proposes making proteins are involved in the recognition process if between short DNA strands only only about 10 of pairs of chemical bases. This new research shows that much more DNA strands appear to with hundreds by couples by chemical bases able recognize one another as a whole without a proteins contribution. On the theory, this detecting mechanism is stronger, the longer the genes.

On understanding exact mechanism of the primary recognition Level genetic recombination optical how to avoid or to avoid or minimize shedding recombining errors in the evolution, natural selection and DNA repair This important since such errors be believed to create a series of genetic diseases Moreover , including cancer and some forms of Alzheimer’s, as well contribute to Ageing. An understanding of this mechanisms is also important for refining precise artificially recombinant on biotechnologies and genetic therapies of the future.

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