Also in global wellness news: Combating sleeping sickness in eastern Africa.

Also in global wellness news: Combating sleeping sickness in eastern Africa; China commits to developing countries; Latin America development African Development Bank Offers $70M To Help Battle Sleeping Sickness In Eastern Africa The African Development Bank on Tuesday announced it’ll award eastern African countries $70 million to greatly help battle the neglected tropical disease, trypanasomiasis, referred to as sleeping sickness commonly, over 6 years, the Monitor/ reports . China Reemphasizes Country’s Commitment TO ASSIST Developing Countries Dow Jones Newswires/Wall Street Journal examines a recently available report documenting China’s dedication to aid developing countries with aid distributed through the United Countries’ Food and Agriculture Company, debt relief for the least developed countries, improved grain exports and the provision of scholarships and schooling for needy countries, regarding to [the People’s Daily], regarded as the mouthpiece of China’s Communist Party .

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