After resisting the fries.

‘.. Easy to focushe future: long – term goals can help us resist unhealthy urgesImagine a delicious pile of French fries next to a low-fat green salad. After resisting the fries, you can really expect to go to the gym instead of TV? According to a new study, which is published in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers who resist long term goals long-term goals rather unhealthy urges. ‘Whether confronted devouring dessert, skipping a workout, or failing that, dental floss, consumers often let down their guard when they are with a health challenge after another,’write authors Nidhi Agrawal and echo Wen Wan . Feeling feeling fresh, it’s easy to focus on our goals and exercise self-control, but if we already tested the limits of our self – control, it is difficult to keep going, ‘the authors explain.

The researchers investigated how health messages self-control influence in their studies, the authors investigated the processes at work again as a human self-control challenges you found that for people who self self – control challenge, a. Focus on the lack of resources may self-control in other health-related activities, such as sports or dental floss to prevent.S ability to/ Akatinol improved communication abilities patients with Alzheimer disease – of a longer integration at social and family life.

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