About kidney Stones comprar en línea.

About kidney Stones. Around 1 comprar en línea .7 million people in the U.S. Experience kidney stones each year, half will recurrence recurrence during their lifetime One in four it will be necessary endoscopic lithotripsy to subject. Once primarily a male affliction kidney stone disease is increasingly affecting women, who are now two out of five cases diagnosed with.

During PCNL procedure CoAx accordion stone Control Device on the upper part of the urethra, a tube that is used urine from the kidney to the bladder. The low-profile Accordion CoAx over a guidewire over a guide wire, platform that , forms a proprietary multi-fold, 15 mm diameter, which corresponds to film occlusion and fills the ureter to the migration of the stone fragments continue to prevent ureters ureter in the fragmentation process. In this way, the device can eliminate CoAx or minimizes the need for an additional procedure. – ‘The accordion combines CoAx Stone Control Device, the benefits of the original PercSys Accordion device with the versatility of an over-the-wire design,’said Mantu Gupta, MD, director of New York-Presbyterian Kidney Stone Center and the Director of Endourology, new York Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University, new York, ‘Optimized for PCNL procedures, building the new CoAx device on the original Accordion platform, which has been clinically proven to reduce procedural issues and reduce morbidity during PCNL treatments at our institution. ‘ – ‘We have noticed that the accordion CoAx Stone Control Device to be a valuable tool in PCNL procedures Around 1.7 million retrograde injections contrast for diagnosis and renal targeting and preventing antegrade fragment migration into the ureter, ‘said Demetrius H. Bagley MD, Nathan Lewis Hatfield Professor of Urology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, ‘Unlike other catheters for this purpose, the this purpose, the accordion device CoAx thanks to its occlusion-film design, do not move from the treatment location, despite the treatment of the patient inherent PCNL procedure ‘.


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