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Build These relief efforts in Haiti on Abbott existing philanthropic partnerships to expand access to health care in the country . Since 2007, Abbott and the Abbott Fund more than more than $ 34,000 in grants and donations available address address health needs in Haiti, including maternal and child health, diabetes, HIV / AIDS and malnutrition. The recent earthquake has had a devastating impact on the limited health resources Haiti Care System, The prior was a significant challenges had, said Catherine V. Babington, president, Abbott Fund. Building on our existing partnerships with humanitarian organizations in Haiti, we are helping to finance and product donations, the immense and immediate health needs. .

Abbott is also active with AmeriCares to identify Direct Relief International and other organizations and disseminating essential nutrients and medicines, such as antibiotics and rehydration fluids, emergency aid for people deliver affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Abbott will continue to with major partner for humanitarian assistance to the ongoing needs and the condition of the transport infrastructure program, to judge with relief work.

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Yang S, Wu carbide: Rapid Genotyping of SNPs influences Warfarin Drug Response out of SELDI -TOF mass spectrometry. J Mol Diagn 2010, 162-168.

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