A Kentucky-based HIV / AIDS clinic.

After the Herald-Leader, the hospital currently treats 850 patients – an increase of 481 people in 2001 when the clinic first received federal funding – and averages between 50 and 100 new patients each year. To the patient to patients on a sliding scale of income available, and most patients enrolled in either no private insurance or Medicare or Medicaid. The clinic receives about $ 688,000 from the federal Ryan White program, in addition to the aid amounts to about $ 1,000 per year at the University of Kentucky, the office space, receptionists and offers some of the doctors ‘ salaries.. Lexington Herald-Leader Examines financing in Kentucky HIV / AIDS clinicThe Lexington Herald-Leader on Thursday examined faced questions of funding by the Bluegrass Care Clinic, a Kentucky-based HIV / AIDS clinic, which has seen a doubling of the number of patients increased in the past eight years despite receiving no federal funds.

The Herald – Leader reports that Kentucky clinics that clinics that receive Ryan White funds, but that the Bluegrass Care Clinic is the only one of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe Kentucky. Patients travel from 63 counties – many for several hours – for a doctor’s appointment. Thornton said it did not want to many patients from rural areas doctor doctor , where they live. She said: ‘You do not want to know about the people around her that they are HIV because there are still in 2009 a lot of stigma. ‘Thornton also said before that more than 40 percent of patients with Bluegrass AIDS in part because most patients aware in rural areas they have the virus until they are treated in a hospital for a serious illness (Vos, Lexington Herald – Leader..For example, had the Edinburgh post natal depression scale incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of the 41,103 per quality adjusted life year or QALYs by the routine care merely when compared?

Through financial assistance under by grants from National Institutes of Health.

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