* 28 million children against diphtheria.

* 28 million children against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis has been protected, helps the overall immunization rates for these diseases up from 63 % in 1999 to 77 % – 138 million more children. Have new and underused vaccines, as they are getting for hepatitis B, and yellow fever, helping to greatly increase immunization against these diseases So the number of developing countries providing hepatitis B vaccine from 15 in 1999 to 61 in 2006. ‘GAVI has demonstrated that with the right resources and leadership, it is possible to make dramatic health gains in poor countries,’said Bill Gates. ‘We need to build on this success. Access to lifesaving access to lifesaving denied. ‘ denied. ‘. For more information.They estimated shall contribute to 1 In 25 Deaths Worldwide.

‘Overall, we infer that alcohol use is one of main avoidable risk factors and actions that to reduce the load and costs in connection with of alcohol to be increased urgently ‘of drinking that.

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