000 Americans every year.

Aneurysms: Super-glue-like fluid gives new hope An aneurysm is a bloodstream vessel that stretches and bursts sometimes. For about 25,000 Americans every year, a ruptured aneurysm leads to severe disability, or even death, according to The Brain Aneurysm Foundation first symptoms of anxiety disorder . But there’s a fresh treatment, some sort of super-glue for the body, that’s saving lives now, CBS News Correspondent Don Teague reported on ‘The Early Show.’ He stated that, for nearly three decades, Amy Bechtold has served her country as a colonel and judge in the new air Power JAG Corps. Bechtold, chief regional judge of the Air Power Trial Judiciary, said, ‘Most of us raise our right hands to aid and defend the Constitution, as a trial judge, I’m doing that very directly.’ With tours in places that included Afghanistan and Bosnia, she’s seen her share of danger, but a tiny mind aneurysm is what almost cost Bechtold her existence.

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